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Meet Justin Bloyer

Justin first moved to Lake Elmo when he was in Elementary school. He returned in 2007 with his wife of 19 years, Dana, to raise their three children in the Tri-Lakes area. Justin attended the University of St. Thomas, where he earned his B.A. in Political Science. While at St. Thomas, Justin attended pilot school. Today he is a pilot for a major airline based in the Twin Cities. In his free time, Justin is an active volunteer for the Tri-Lakes Water Ski Club and Show. Justin previously served on the Lake Elmo Planning Commission, Parks Commission, and has been representing citizens as a Lake Elmo City Council Member since 2012. 

Justin's Work


While others talk water and pollution, Justin acts. When Mayor Pearson needed to finalize the negotiations with 3M, he sent in Councilman Bloyer.  While 3M was limited to a certain dollar amount for a settlement, Bloyer came up with the idea for the land deal we have today, $2.7 million in cash, and a potential of approximately $18 million in land.

Serving All

Lake Elmo has seen the pendulum swing far too many times over the last 8 years. We need a mayor who is conscious of all the residents, continuing the direction Mayor Pearson has set for the city.  As mayor, Justin will not be single issue focused, but instead, will account for the needs of all residents: focusing on all neighborhoods and all issues, as he has done for two terms on the city council.

Restoring Civility

After two years of being called out for poor council behavior, losing insurance coverage, and being labeled the "most dysfunctional government in America," Bloyer, Council-member Nelson, and Mayor Pearson turned the city around. Instituting new policies, creating a friendly environment for staff, and finally adhering to recommendations by the League of Minnesota Cities. Lake Elmo has become a case study on how to run a functional city.

Government Accountability

In the spring of 2016, despite attempts by the then council majority to limit access to financial information, Councilman Bloyer found massive errors in the city budget. His persistence led to the discovery of $13 million in missing funds. Read Here

Fighting Government Overreach

Justin was instrumental in working with Mayor Pearson, city staff, and the Metropolitan Council to remove the MOU mandate which, if fully enforced, would have bankrupted the city and potentially lead to further detachment of the city. 

Protecting Your Tax Dollars

Justin will work to protect your pocketbook. He will continue to look at city spending to determine areas of waste and duplicity. Instead of going to the taxpayers, he will look for ways the city can save. As we start construction of a new city hall/fire station next year we need Justin to fight for a more modest building meeting Lake Elmo's needs.

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