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On October 18 the city council had a discussion regarding the proposed Hy-Vee grocery store on the northeast corner of Highway 36 and Manning Ave.  As has been the case in the past, certain council members chose to take this opportunity to place fear in the Sanctuary Neighborhood instead of giving you facts.  In this particular instance time was taken to reiterate the traffic fears shared by many in Sanctuary.  (
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While some try to change the true issue in November, the upcoming election is about integrity. It is about being forthright regarding the issues facing Lake Elmo’s future.  It is very easy to point and someone and say “fast growth vs. slow growth” all the while neglecting to tell residents the truth about details such as, how to finance the mandated growth.  In this particular case it is very easy to tell a group of scared and upset residents we will not extend a road all the while knowing it has to be extended for the very existence of the neighborhood.

 The position of Mayor Pearson and I has always been Linden Trail needs to be connected to 50th Street.  Over the past two years the entire council has the same information, some chose to be honest and explain the need for the connection and some chose to demagogue for votes.  The same disingenuous pandering continued on October 18 until the final question was asked.  Staff chuckled and acknowledged the proposed plan for the intersection at Manning Ave. has Sanctuary cutoff from Highway 36, leaving it land locked. 

As has always been the plan Highway 36 will be closed to the north due to the exorbitant cost Lake Elmo would have to pay to provide access to the Sanctuary neighborhood.  The long term entrance/egress for Sanctuary has always been connections via 50th Street and Lake Elmo Ave.  The two options will give residents access to Manning Ave (I94) via a controlled intersection at 50th and also access to 36 (Mpls/Stillwater) via a controlled intersection at Hwy 36.  

I understand and agree construction traffic is a huge concern for the residents of Sanctuary.  This issue is simple to solve.  In the platting process the road is designed and a stipulation of plat approval is: the road does not connect to the Sanctuary neighborhood until construction is complete in the new development or the manning intersection is closed, whichever comes first.

Residents are partners is the decisions made at city hall.  You deserve to be given the truth and facts about what the future of our city holds.  This allows you to see how and why decisions are made on your behalf by those who represent you. 


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