Lake Elmo City Council

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The first statement is testament to the staff who were "transitioned" by the incoming majority.  

"With all that said, however, the reality is there have not been the number of losses one would normally expect to see in this environment."

"Of the two relevant open claims, one is a recent claim by the city administrator who was terminated, rehired, and then left again in 2015."

 "Councilmembers are deeply involved in setting the agenda and preparing items for inclusion in the packet" 

"Councilmembers interrupt each other and use Robert’s Rules as a way to cut off or wrest control of discussions" 

"In September 2014, a Councilmember [Anne Smith] was accused by a City employee of “inappropriate behavior,”

"The next month, the city administrator alleged the Councilmember had verbally and physically intimidated him"

"In December 2014, an outside law firm was retained to investigate a City employee’s allegations against another employee."

​"On March 10, 2015, the Council voted 3-2 to terminate the city administrator. This decision upset many City residents, who presented the Council with a petition asking for reconsideration."

"At the March 24, 2015 Council meeting, which was heavily attended by the public, the Council reversed its decision and extended the administrator’s contract until January 2016"

"In June 2015, the administrator and the City agreed to part ways pursuant to a 5-0 Council vote, although the underlying decision to do so was likely split on a 3-2 basis

"In October 2015, the Council voted 3-2 to censure a Councilmember for comments he made to a staff member at a previous Council meeting"

"On July 5, 2016, the Council voted 3-1 to censure the Councilmember again for referencing at a Council meeting the incident that had led to the initial censure"

​"In August 2016, after receiving an opinion from the city attorney that the restrictions in the censure were not legally enforceable, the Council voted 3-1 to leave the censure in place and make the restrictions “voluntary.”

"In November 2015, by a 3-1-1 vote, the Council decided to hire a parliamentarian to run Council meetings. The Chief Administrative Law Judge from the state Office of Administrative Hearings presided at one meeting and declined to handle any further ones."

"A private parliamentarian was then hired. That parliamentarian’s contract was terminated in June 2016 after the city attorney opined the mayor had the statutory authority and obligation to preside at Council meetings."

​"In January 2016, the Council voted 3-2 to terminate the contract city attorney. Although the reasons for doing so are not entirely clear, the attorney, who had been serving since 2008, is a relative of the mayor, who was first elected in 2012." 

​"On June 29, 2016, the Council discussed the possibility of folding the city library back into the county library system. The county commissioner representing the City was at the Council meeting requested an opportunity to speak to the agenda item, but a 3-2 majority informed him public comment was no longer being taken. The county subsequently informed the City the deadline had passed for including the city library in the county system for the upcoming year"

"On July 19, 2016, the City Council voted 3-2 to adjourn in the middle of public comment after several comments were made that were critical of the ongoing censure issue"

​"The City of Lake Elmo has had significant turmoil within city hall for the last two years. Beginning last summer, LMCIT has provided the City with a variety of kinds of assistance in an effort to help the City resolve the underlying conflicts."

​"In the first half of 2015, and one estimate puts total turnover at 90% in the last 18 months."

"While Councilmembers on either side do not always vote in lockstep, there is a good deal of predictability about how votes on controversial topics will turn out"


There have been many allegations by my opponents as to why the league of MN Cities raised our deductible significantly this fall. It is important residents have the clear facts as to what took place from the league directly.