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 Location of Growth 

Council Member Fliflet said in a recent Stillwater Gazette Ad she needs a 4/5th vote to change the comprehensive plan
In 2015 discussion was raised by the Mayor and Council on how to best prepare Lake Elmo to accept the mandated growth imposed on the city by the MN Supreme Court Case.  Two distinct growth paths have emerged.  Justin supports keeping the current comprehensive plan.  Keep Lake Elmo’s 70% open space open.  Concentrate the development on the I94 corridor.  The Fliflet/Roth/Emmons council would concentrate growth in the northern sector of the city to keep the city’s housing more consistent with current housing developments.  This model sacrifices open space to keep Lake Elmo’s population homogeneous.   Below is a map prepared in the Fall of 2015 by former Planning Director Kyle Klatt to illustrate the Fliflet Model.




Justin does not agree this proposed map is in the best interest of the city.  The city would be sacrificing the rural open space feeling; in order to save those qualities which are no longer rural qualities, just massive enclaves of open space developments. 

We must realize:
The sewer and water infrastructure exists and needs to be paid for by users on the system.
Regardless of the growth in the northern sector the Met Council has minimum housing density numbers which must be met.   Growth in the north is just growth.    

I support our current comprehensive plan.  Preserve the 70% of Lake Elmo's open space open.​

Lake Elmo City Council