Lake Elmo City Council

Support Transparency

The League of Mn Cities felt compelled to comment on the Council Majority's and Brett Emmons (Library Chair's) handling of the library situation:

​"On June 29, 2016, the Council discussed the possibility of folding the city library back into the county library system. The discussion focused on a city-prepared draft agreement the county had not reviewed or agreed to, even though the county had previously informed the City it needed a decision by July 1 in order for this to happen for the next fiscal year. The county commissioner representing the City was at the Council meeting requested an opportunity to speak to the agenda item, but a 3-2 majority informed him public comment was no longer being taken. The county subsequently informed the City the deadline had passed for including the city library in the county system for the upcoming year"

Library Issues

Much more to come:

Leverage the Mayor and Councilman Bloyer's excellent working relationship with the county and its commissioners to return Lake Elmo to the Washington County Library System no later than January 2018. I will call for a vote on the floor within six weeks of the new council being sworn in this January.  

Recently my opponents have finally made their positions known on the Library issue.  Votes for Emmons, Roth will be votes to not return to the county library system.