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If you question who will restore Civility to Lake Elmo look no further than the Opinion Page of the Stillwater Gazette October 28th.  As you can imagine no random citizen sent in a letter, it was candidates and campaign operatives.  Mayor Pearson, Justin Bloyer and from The Fliflet, Lundgren, Emmons, Roth side: Steve DeLapp, Sue Dunn, Gary Fields (Lundgren's campaign manager) and Paul Nielsen (neighbor of Fliflet).  

Bloyer and Pearson once again lay out their vision for the future of the town, a reasonable approach to the problems which face us.  DeLapp, Dunn, Fields, and Nielsen engage in personal attacks and slander.  No facts are shared, no figures cited, simply attacks. I ask you, what type of person divulges personal information about an opponents child in an election?  Even at the presidential level there is the unwritten, rule children are off limits.  Not here in Lake Elmo.  

If you still are unsure of what character this 4/5th majority will wreak on staff and citizens.  If you don't believe the independent reports you paid for, the league of Mn Cities, public testimony from past employees.  Simply read what their closest advisers say about their character in their own words.  

Read the most recent Stillwater Gazette article regarding the Fliflet/Emmons (library board chairs) run in with transparency and producing legal minutes.   

Integrity in Lake Elmo?

Tom Bucher (Lundgren) Pioneer Press letter to the Editor.  Another glimpse into transparency.

In response to the recent Pioneer Press Article regarding Lake Elmo's loss of insurance.  

Please see the council majority referenced rude comment, which lead to three censures and ten of thousands of wasted tax payer dollars here.

Read about Lake Elmo's 13 million dollar short fall discovered by Councilman Bloyerhere.  

Read the email exchange which took place on the eve of the insurance decision.  This exchange solidified the leagues decision to revoke our insurance.  

I have tried to stay out of posting on FB but we need some facts thrown into this conversation. First and foremost Kyle Klatt was a FIRST CLASS Planner and Nick Johnson was his outstanding side kick. The Comprehensive Plan that was passed by the City Council in 2013 was years in the making. That process started in 2005. The 2013 Council weighed the RISK of substantial fines or to allow some growth and voted for a planned growth that the Planning commission supported. The PC supported both the I-94 plan and the Old Village Plan – yes the council changed some of the Old Village plan but because of those changes a Senior living complex is being built (Thank Justin Bloyer) and oh yeah, because of the availability of sewer, residents are able to sell or buy, their biggest asset, their home. Case in point, to the Hamlet neighborhood, I wonder what those homes would be worth if there was not viable option for sewer in the near future. If the lack of a plan would detract from their asset value if this was still being, as you say "discussed, talked about" etc. etc. rather than a concrete plan of municipal city services.
Because the 2013 council adopted the Comprehensive plan the Met council let Lake Elmo out of the MOU and actually lowered the population numbers. The plan was to have approximately 125 new homes constructed annually and that is what has been occurring. This is what the builders and developers told us, there would be a 5 to 15 year build out. The phasing plan was followed with one exception and this exception led to a new water line extended down Lake Elmo Avenue providing city water to residents who needed it or wanted it (With Landowners paying their Fees in ADVANCE). The city also received a $1,000,000 grant to defer some of the costs (SAVE residents $’s). Furthermore, through hard work and long hours Mr. Zuleger, an exemplary City Administrator, and Mayor Pearson the City of Lake Elmo received a $3,500,000 million grant for our overall water system. Add to that the $1,000,000 sewer grant we also received and that’s $5.5 million dollars that the residents of Lake Elmo don’t have to shoulder (That is called good MANAGEMENT). Yes change is hard and growth is difficult but if the plan that was initiated in 2013 is followed and tweaked for the lower population numbers the City of Lake Elmo will continue to blossom.


At least until Election Day!


In a clear 11th hour election ploy, the council majority, neglecting to properly notice the topic and breaking council policy, added the taping of the council workshops and committee meetings to the agenda last evening.  While this is a great step towards an open government in Lake Elmo WORDS DO SPEAK LOUDER than ACTIONS.  Over the past two years the majority has consistently spoken against the taping of meetings.  Finally the voice of the people has gotten through at least until November 9th.  Unfortunately there are no meetings to tape between now and election day.  

Mayor Pearson and Bloyer have called for us to return to the taping and broadcasting of meeting multiple times(see two exapmples here) in the last 18 months, all to no avail. In fact, Council member Fliflet made a motion to NOT TAPE meetings.  (WATCH HERE).  In the LWV debate Ben Roth would not agree to tape meetings.  Brett Emmons as library director actively allowed the censoring of minutes to hide library board activities (listen here).   If you want to continue the policy past Election Day vote Pearson/Bloyer/Nelson. 

Exercise your freedom of speech here:

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I'm committed  to upholding the three core values of Transparency, Civility, and Fiscal Responsibility to the City of Lake Elmo. Like you, I want to play an active role in making my community, state and country a safer, better place to raise my children, run my business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. 




Civility in Lake Elmo?

Today, October 24th, the Pioneer Press (Read Here) printed a letter to the editor denouncing Mayor Pearson and myself.  The Gentleman who wrote the letter is Tom Bucher aka Jill Lundgren's husband.  This is another example of the transparency issues in Lake Elmo.  Throughout the whole letter he never makes mention to the fact he is the husband of the most loyal Fliflet supporter on the current council.  Julie Fliflet has repeatedly stated she needs a 4/5th majority to single handedly control the destiny of our city.  How does she know she will receive this 4/5th if there is no alignment with Mr. Roth or Emmons?  Why do the three continue to claim this independence yet bundle their campaign literature and "special" messages?  If the majority and hopeful majority can't be honest and transparent with you on their alliance what can we expect for the next four years of this "independent" group?

Integrity and Financial Responsibility

Emmons breaks city policy when he accepts $1000 in tax dollars as library board president. 

This election comes down to integrity.  As voters it is incumbent upon you to do your due diligence, visit all the candidates websites, ask questions, and probe for answers.  Look to the history of Lake Elmo to answer questions about the future.  From the 80's until 2012 the city was mired in dysfunction. Prior to 2012 residents were unable to sell homes in the old village due to failing septic systems, a multi million dollar fine was looming from the Met Council, and staff turnover was at an all time high.  In 2013 Mayor Pearson and I took office, assembled a top notch staff and secured the longest serving City Administrator since the 1990's.  We negotiated the end of the Met Council mandate and began a reasonably paced growth model for the city.  As of October 2016 only 214 homes have been built in the City.  NOT 2000 as my opponents will tell you.  

In 2015 a new council took over.  Staff turnover was at 90%, meetings cancelled when the majority could not hold a 3-2 margin, lockstep voting, and the complete and total loss of transparency.  The new council summarily dismissed any commissioner or committee member who had differing viewpoints and began to change the city with no discussion.  

The "slow growth council"  approved housing developments on 20 acres versus 40 acres opening 10 times the amount of developable land in the city. SEE MAP They then spent eight months working behind the scenes with a developer to put 350 homes into Tartan Park, the most dense development north or 10 Street in the City's history.  All the while touting its open space and rural characteristics to the citizens. Listen Here.  

Our council has been in the news countless times. The Fliflet led majority  tried to suppress a public document that indeed did lead to a sheriffs investigation, only to end with a whistle blower who had every right to release the document; covered up $13 million in shortfalls; hired a parliamentarian illegally; conducted three illegal censures, and the list goes on.  

The facts are clear.  The choice is yours.  Do you want to be represented by those who are honest with the citizens even in the face of news you would rather not hear.  Or do you prefer a group that will make you feel good knowing full well they are being less than transparent.  

Pearson, Bloyer, and Nelson have been very open about the reasons for running together.  If you believe a vote for our opponents will give you independence or relieve you of the problems that plague "the incumbents", do you believe you eyes over what you are being told? 

Roth and Emmons claim to be independent, despite an email sent from Anne Smith to Steve Delapp and Julie Fliflet telling them to recruit Mr. Roth to run for office.  The independence continues in an email Mr. Roth sent to Delapp, Smith, Fliflet, Lundgren, proposing a hit piece against former council members HERE.  Do you believe independence is handing out literature together, sending mailings together, using "special" words together?  Is independence in Lake Elmo taking marching orders to scrub library board minutes or scuttle a plan to rejoin the county library system at a last minute meeting with little notice?  

If the Council Majority can not live by the courage of their convictions.  Can not be open and honest about what their plans are for the 4/5th majority (Fliflet Campaign Literature).  And In spite of staggering evidence to the contrary, they can not even acknowledge an alignment exists.  This lack of transparency is reminiscent of the last two years and an indication of what the next four years would have install for residents of Lake Elmo.

Please Vote Transparency, Integrity, Civility on Tuesday!

Vote Pearson Bloyer and Nelson

If you are unsure of the alignment between the three candidates look no further than Council woman Lundgren's choice to make up the 4/5 Fliflet controlled majority.  

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Eloquent FB Post by former Councilman Wally Nelson about Lake Elmo's financial situation and management.  

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