Lake Elmo City Council

Support Transparency

 Outlined are the highlights:

There have been many allegations by my opponents as to why the league of MN Cities raised our deductible significantly this fall. It is important residents have the clear facts as to what took place from the league directly. One week before the decision to raise our deductible Council Member Fliflet was invited to meet with League representatives, Lake Elmo Staff, and the City Attorney. No other members of the council received this request. After the meeting CM Fliflet felt compelled to unilaterally sent this letter to the Board of Trustees. 

The letter below shows a complete disregard for the League of Mn Cities and a lack of understanding of the situation the city finds itself in and how we got there.  The seating of Julie's "4/5th majority" will continue this lack of responsibility for our actions and the destructive relationships with our partners.  Justin will vote to institute EVERY request the League of Mn Cities gave to Lake Elmo, the first meeting in January in order to restore our insurance.  The new council will take responsibility and lead by example.  

Of the nine bullet points of action taken by the council; seven directly disregard and are contrary to the league's instructions!

"Most often the reporting on Lake Elmo tends to be sensationalized and inaccurate"

"We feel Lake Elmo’s problems land on the front page of the newspaper, while other cities that operate with similar problems stay more under the radar, so again we feel it is unfair treatment for Lake Elmo’s coverage" 

"We feel that almost every article referenced has some facts or circumstances inaccurately reported."  

"Also, staff turnover is referenced as a large problem. We see this a bit differently.  We had a somewhat dysfunctional city hall, and an incoming council with different objectives.  Changes were needed, and all were accomplished with zero terminations and no claims."

September was marked by the League of Minnesota Cities raising the City's insurance deductible from $500 to $200,000